Miss Crimson Rush

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About Miss Crimson Rush


Austin Texas Tattooed Firece Red Headed Mistress, Domme, Dominatrix, Goddess, Queen, holding a leopard flogger

I'm an Austin based professional Dominatrix with over a decade of experience in the BDSM industry.
I was introduced to the community 15 years ago in Los Angeles, California.
My training included lessons revolving around the importance of negotiation, the anatomy of impact play, the psychology of power exchange, BDSM etiquette, and the expected behaviors within the community.
I’m immensely passionate about power exchange and the amount of trust and comfort it requires to be honest and vulnerable.

Because BDSM is taboo and outside what society considers to be normal, many have this extremely common misconception that their desires are morally wrong. Therefore, either suppress their fantasies and refrain from engaging in consenting fetish activities or maintain secrecy due to fear of judgment and rejection.

My practice has taught Me that communication and self-acceptance are essential components for establishing boundaries and being able to self-advocate. Although My occupation is unique, I assure you, I am human just like you.

We all need authentic connections to live healthy and fulfilling lives. However, it begins by practicing how to master ourselves and gaining self-awareness.
With a background in linguistics and social psychology, I use these skills in conjunction with My expertise as a Pro Dom within the fetish community.
During our interactions, I will provide a safe and accepting environment (free of judgment), where you will be encouraged to share your desires and concerns with absolute confidentiality.

Currently, I am active in the fetish community and continue to broaden my education, so that I am able to properly incorporate My lessons into any kinky activity that I take on.
My ultimate favorites include bondage, foot, and boot worship, ass worship and smothering, trampling, ball busting, cock and ball torture (CBT), impact play, humiliation, sensory deprivation, electricity play, and role-playing.
My favorite clients are cognizant of their boundaries and request My assistance to push their abilities to the next level, they are capable of following My instructions, respectful to Me and My time, and are eager to serve.

Please be sure to go to My services page and educate yourself on My limits before reaching out.
If you are unable to follow even these simple instructions, you will be deemed unworthy of My time, and therefore you will be ignored.

I look forward to being your guide during your journey of self-exploration!

See you on the kinky side!