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Welcome experienced and novice fetishists, kinksters, and submissives!
Are you ready to take your curiosity to the next level and begin your journey with Me?
I expect that you answered, yes. If so,  continue reading this page in its entirety…

Did you know, first impressions are formed within 7 seconds?

If you’re looking to be on My good side, be sure to make your lasting imprint count. Think about your intent before you approach Me.
My favorite clients make an effort to earn My attention by being aware of their interests and boundaries before contacting me. They respect Me and My time, schedule in advance, and are able to follow My instructions.

These days, I primarily take in-person sessions, calls on Niteflirt, SextPanter (SP), & Iwantclips (iWC), and offer online sessions via Skype and SextPanther.

 • Austin Dominatrix • BDSM Consultant • Fetish Model • Content Creator

Miss Crimson Rush

Another passion of Mine is creating fetish content and fetish modeling. In addition, I offer custom clips through iWantClips upon request. You may also access the custom clips request form on the My Custom Clips Page via My website.

Click here to go to My Custom Clip page now.

With my background in communication, I am also available as an accountability or life coach where we can discuss deeper topics; like financial domination, self-control (such as diet assistance or chastity devices), work on self-development and self-acceptance, or how to talk to your partner about your kinks and desires and how to get their possible approval and participation. 

During our sessions, I maintain a safe environment where you are free to share your kinks, desires, or concerns in confidence.
My repertoire of skills encompasses foot fetish, boot and shoe worship, trampling, ass worship, impact play, electricity play, cock-and-ball torture (CBT), ball busting, humiliation, to role-playing: where I enjoy taking on the role of a teacher, doctor, naughty neighbor, or even Harley Quinn: torturing my poor captive… Let’s get creative!

I love bringing a scene to life and making dreams into reality. Every fetish and kink is subjective to the individual. What it means to you in comparison to others will vary. If you are unable to find your interests listed here, feel free to submit your request (as long as it avoids My boundaries).

Every interaction is unique and begins with an authentic connection to establish and build trust. With this being said, it takes time to construct. Therefore, first-time sessions are primarily concentrated on initiating this connection.

With every consecutive interaction, the intensity of our scene will advance alongside the development of comfort.

My boundaries and hard limits include:NO Sex (I DO NOT offer escort services), NO oral/foot/hand job, No unsafe or illegal activities, all participants MUST be at least the age of 18 years of age, NO toilet training, No anal/strap-on/pegging, NO ABDL, NO crude language, NO castrations, I DO NOT Switch or submit

(DON'T ASK), NO tribute bargaining, NO OUTCALLS. Do NOT Call or text Me on My business line after 9:30 pm (NF, SP, and iWC are acceptable as long as I am online).

ABSOLUTELY NO personal slave requests. NO requests for dating (I AM NOT INTERESTED).

I wear clothing throughout our interactions, NO exceptions. 

My limits are non-negotiable! If you inquire about any of My boundaries, I will assume that you completely overlooked My website or that you are just rude. If you are unable to follow My instructions and rules,

you can expect to be ignored.

Depending on what you are searching for, there are various ways you can reach Me.

Phone Sessions:Phone sessions are available first call, first-serve basis through Niteflirt, SP, and iWC.
I take calls on M-F, from 11 am-7 pm CST. With the exception of holidays, scheduled sessions, or important matters that requires My attention.

All the links to My phone lines are available on My Join Me page. Click here to go there now.

Real-Time and Online Cam Sessions: Regardless of whether you are a regular of Mine or you are new to Me, I  will require you to completely fill out My session application and submit it for consideration.

NO application = NO Session

Because I receive a high volume of requests on a daily basis, My schedule is typically booked out for several weeks.
If you have a specific time frame in mind, I highly suggest scheduling with Me in advance to reserve your desired time with Me.

Most of my clients find that two-hour in-person and one-hour online sessions provide ample time to go over expectations, review limits, ease into the scene, then really push into the action. All with enough time to cool down and slowly reintroduce you to reality, wrap up with aftercare, and review our session to establish goals for future appointments.
Same-day Sessions: On the rare occasion that I have an opening on the day of your inquiry...ONLY regulars of Mine will have the option to book same-day sessions with Me. An additional fee will be added to last-minute sessions.

First Time Session with Me: I require at least a minimum of 72 hours to complete your screening and negotiation process.

Once you’re in My calendar, I’ll arrange a time for a phone consultation (prior to the day of the scheduled session) to go over your form submission, boundaries, session procedures, expectations, and safety rules.

After submitting your application form:

1. All real-time session clients must pass My Covid screening (located in the application form) to proceed.

1A.I will look over your application submission in the order in which it was received.

If I do not respond within a week, it is most likely due to requesting an activity listed under My hard limits or I was displeased with your method of approaching Me.

2.   If I determine that our interests align, I will contact you via email with details pertaining to My rates for My time, availability, where to send your deposit and to ask any additional questions I may have to ensure your safety.

*Deposits are non-refundable.

2A. If you are scheduling for an Online Session, full payment will be required upfront to reserve My time.

3. Once I receive your deposit,  you will be added to My calendar and your appointment will be secured.

I will email you with a confirmation of your appointment time and date and provide you with the location of the dungeon, as well as provide you with My preferred contact info for you to use when you arrive on the day of.

3A. For New Clients of Mine, after you have made your deposit, I will arrange for a 15-minute phone consultation at least 1 day prior to your session to briefly cover the details within your application, go over expected goals to meet, Describe how I handle My typical session process,  safe words/cues, and type of attire to correlate with specific scenarios. 

4. In-Person Covid Screening will be required during the time of your arrival. This includes taking your temperature and asking the same questions listed on My application form.

5. Present the remaining session rate in person.

6. Let the excitement begin!

I look forward to being your kinky guide during your journey of self-exploration!

Are you qualified to serve Me? Apply NOW to find out! Click the button below!