Behavioral Modification Specialist - Fetish Model in Austin, Texas

Miss.Crimson Rush

I will go over everything that we have discussed, I will observe your body language to see how you react, and ask you questions to follow up on your well being. If I am inflicting physical pain on you, then I am going to ensure you receive a good warm-up,build you up slowly, and test your tolerance. 
The more you visit with Me, more I am acquainted to you and your body, and the more comfortable you  are with Me in order to achieve the "loss of control" in confidence of your safety.  

A subbie's purpose is to obey and serve Me. Subbie's new or experienced are welcome, as long as you are open-minded, respectful to Me, My rules, and My time. Personal hygiene is highly crucial, as I do not tolerate stinky people! So please be sure to thoroughly cleanse yourself prior to meeting with Me. 

Contact Me and begin your submission!



For as long as I have been a part of the fetish scene, I have always been fascinated by power exchange. The beauty of connection when trust is shared. My goal as a Dominant is for a bottom to consensually release absolute control into My hands in trust that they will be taken care of while being able to openly communicate without judgement. When two can reach this, it is the closest feeling to perfection. In many experiences, it has felt spiritual in the sense that I have been and have taken subs to other planes. I am a strong believer in constantly searching for growth and balance. In order to grow, one must break through their comfort zone to become the best person you can be in order to find peace within yourself. If you believe in yourself, nothing will stop you. 

There is only one you, which means your interests may vary compared to other's. Just as individuals are unique, the experiences within a session varies from person to person. With that being said, I can only guarantee My time. 
Our first session is where we really get to know each other. 

The Rush That Will Have you Wrapped Around My Finger!

Hello, My Future subbies!

I am Miss Crimson Rush! I have been a Behavioral Modification Specialist since 2010, originating from Los Angeles, California. I am 5'1, 110 lbs, but don't let My size deceive you! And for all you foot lovers out there, I am a size 6.

 I will have you weak to your knees in My Goddess like presence, for I am like a siren, My beauty and voice are irresistible. you will be begging for ways to be a part of My world!